Nothing is the best, there is always something that suits you

I don’t know if everyone has a feeling that since childhood, everyone wants to give you the best, whether it’s study (go to the best school, or go to many types of cram school), material (food and drink) And daily necessities), as long as it is able to give, it will give the child the best, but of course it is within the family’s ability. This is good from a certain angle. After all, not every family has this ability to give. So it is to be very grateful to the family who have the conditions to achieve.

From another perspective, it also means that your family’s expectations of you will be particularly high, or you can plan a path they think suits you. Even if it’s not yours, it’s a really good choice for the current time and social evolution. But is it right for you? Some people like it after doing it, but some people are even more confused, wondering if this choice is really suitable for them?

The best in the eyes of others may not be suitable for you. The bad in their eyes may be something you are interested in. It is like buying clothes and shoes. What looks beautiful does not necessarily mean that it is suitable for you. It is not expensive to buy. It must be suitable for you, after all, you will find a style that suits you, and there are many ways to reflect this state.

When Apple released a new IPhone, it must have the best specifications and features at the time. Needless to say, the price must be the most expensive, but there are actually many features that most people would not use, perhaps the year before. The version of is suitable for you, so do you still have to buy the latest, most expensive and best? (In addition to not bad money, but still feel a bit wasteful)

How to find a life that suits you in all aspects in a long life, sometimes it is really a bit difficult, whether it is external factors or personal factors will affect your judgment and decision, sometimes it is the pressure of affection, for the sake of reality The choices you make also make you unhappy, and one day you may see it aside and you can’t continue, you have to pursue the life you like and suit you, even after a delay, you will still return to your path. .

Everyone needs sports, and every kind of exercise is good, but it does not mean that every exercise is suitable for you. Regardless of the physical strength, you will always find the sports that suits you. Let you not hate exercise on the road to become healthy, this is the ultimate good direction.

The more you understand yourself, the more you can understand what you want and what suits you. These do not need to look at other people's eyes, but simply do what you want to do (without deviating from social values) , Even a little compromise will not make you so unhappy, because you know what you want.


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