Study in the United States-Boston U.S. POST OFFICE

The United States Postal Service USPS is similar to the Chunghwa Post in Taiwan. Both are state-owned enterprises. The first choice for mailing is it. You can see it in almost every area. The color of the delivery mailbox and the logo are the same. The blue color is actually pretty good-looking, and the design feels better than Chunghwa Post's.

If the goods you buy online are also likely to be delivered by USPS, it may not be that the other party will use UPS or FedEx. In fact, the speed is not really slow, at least it is quite different from what I imagined, because I am also I have bought something online several times. The seller has a high probability of using USPS. Of course, it is also related to the time and price of your delivery. These packages or letters are basically different from what you think you want to receive. They are all put in the mailbox. In middle school or school mailboxes, even the services to be signed are extra fees, but basically, things are rarely picked up by mistake.

If you have experience in receiving and sending, so I have used USPS to send international parcels. You can send it directly to US POST OFFICE or make an appointment for pickup (but you have to print out the receipt by yourself) ), but since the school was not far away from US POST OFFICE at the beginning, I chose to go to US POST OFFICE to deliver the items by myself. By the way, learn about the basic operation mode, which is to fill in the form (you can use your own box or their box ), the teller will probably confirm what your content is, and then look at what level of service you want to use. Different speeds will also be delivered in different price ranges. Of course, they may be lucky to help you upgrade or save money.

Basically, if you are not in a hurry to send internationally, the practical USPS will be fine, and the cost must be more cost-effective than UPS and FedEx. Remember that some Korean students also use USPS to send extra supplies to South Korea, and they also provide a tracking number for inquiries.


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