Cultivating self-confidence is a lesson no one teaches, only learning how to be beaten.

One day in the middle of the night, when I think back to my experience from the past to the present, it seems that I am such a person with no self-confidence. I can even say that I am a little inferior. The feeling of inferiority is a bit imprinted in the mind. I don’t have the confidence to do anything. It’s good, but you always have to pursue perfect completion. It’s a weird and bad cycle. You want to pursue a perfect solution to deal with things, but you have no confidence after completion. You have to always worry about whether it can be better or not. What is lacking and unthinking can only be relieved after waiting for someone's reply, or waiting for the passage of time.

When I was studying in the past, even if I got a decent score, I would always hear another answer from my parents. Why can’t I be better? A 90 score would be said to be enough? Why not take a few more points in the test, otherwise it is taken for granted. Failure to take the test is your fault. Passing scores are never an option. Regardless of good or bad grades, you need to look at the winks of people, the winks of your family, and the winks of your teacher. The classmate’s winks seem to be doing nothing right, and then he doubts his own ability and value.

There is another thing that elders like to do the most. Compare other people’s children with you, how good others are, why can’t you learn from others, it seems that there is nothing bad about others, and the worst thing is yourself. My child, this kind of words hurt the child's heart. What bad things did I do? I can't say it yet. The next moment to express my thoughts is to continue to be violently scolded, saying that you are still quibbling about introspection.

It slowly accumulates to a large scale. It seems that everything is accustomed to it. Nothing is done well. No matter whether it is done well or not, it will always be a little uneasy. I don't want to continue like this, and when I want to make some changes, I wonder if I still have time to become a self-confident person?

Sometimes I am envious of foreign children. Even if you make mistakes, it is a study. It will encourage you to have your own ideas and cultivate your confidence. This course that is not in school requires the development of family and society, not overnight. If you can start training from an early age, you will see better results as you grow older. It is much easier to cultivate than adulthood. The harder it is to accumulate and develop good ideas, but it may only take as long as you to undermine confidence. In an instant, how to build a strong wall to block foreign malice is very important. Maybe I have to practice for a while!


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