Do you have days when you suddenly feel down?

Regardless of gender or age, do you sometimes suddenly feel depressed, don’t know the reason, and don’t have the idea to think about the reason, even if you can’t find the reason occasionally, just mention it. I can't afford any interest, I don't care about anything, and then I doubt life.

It may happen several times a year, or it may happen regularly. Is it related to hormones? Or is it the weather? Or is it caused by long-term accumulated stress? To be honest, I really don’t know, what came so unexpectedly, there was no sign to prepare you psychologically, everything came so suddenly, it directly caused you to fall into a trough, and when you are lucky, you will find the rope soon. Climbing out, sometimes sinking deeper and deeper.

I can’t laugh when I see the variety shows I like, and the American TV shows I like to watch are also uninteresting. All the things that may bring you joy are like a nightmare, which will only make you lose your direction. Click on it. YouTube, which has the largest videos, doesn't know what to watch. They are all so boring, they are all the same themes and content, and there are so many videos without any novelty.

Or does eating arouse vitality? No~ Even my favorite foods are just like eating to sustain life, but I don’t enjoy the deliciousness and happiness of food at all. I can’t do anything, I can’t do anything, my thoughts also become confused, and I start to think about negative emotions. Go, and don't want to disturb others, worry that your state will make others unpleasant, this misunderstanding gets deeper and deeper.

It’s normal for everyone to feel down. It’s impossible to be happy forever. You just have to find a way that suits you. Don’t worry about telling your friends or family members that you can be an emotional release for you, and it’s for them. To understand your opportunities, sometimes it is to learn to deal with yourself, but don't forget the people next to you. There will always be a rainy day! You have to believe in yourself to have the strength to get through.


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