Eating food at home-Jin Yue Jiao Bakery, Sanxia golden croissant souvenirs in Tucheng?


You don’t need to go to the Sanxia, you don’t need to go to Tucheng, you don’t need to take courier delivery, you can eat Sanxia golden croissant at home. As long as your mother has some good friends, you can do it, so you can wake up the next day and see the refrigerator The souvenir that suddenly appeared in Sanxia's most famous golden croissant, haha!
My mother and her friends occasionally have dinner together. We usually have dinner and chat to catch Pokémon, but this time someone just came back from work in China and has not been reunited for a few months, so this time someone brought a souvenir to pick it up. What happened next is conceivable. This souvenir will enter my stomach, because my mother usually eats less bread, so I can only bear this heavy responsibility.

The main store of Jinyuejiao Bakery is in Tucheng, and there is a branch in Taoyuan. Is it gone? Where is the Three Gorges? It seems to be weird. (In the past, there were branches in Sanxia before checking information online)

There are 5 golden croissant in a box, each of which has a palm-sized size. It is suitable for afternoon tea and a cup of coffee or tea. I eat it directly from the refrigerator without waiting for it to return to room temperature or heating. Waiting lazily, on the other hand, it’s comfortable to eat and cool when it’s hot. By the way, you can see if the refrigerated food is good or not. The first feeling is very solid, with a little weight in your hand, the aroma will not be very heavy, and it is not very strong. It is creamy or milky, and the taste of golden croissant is light. Compared with the ones I have eaten before, there is no oily feeling in the hand, and the taste is the same. The two corners are slightly crispy and not crispy. It's edible, and it's a little healthier than ordinary, but it's actually a little ordinary, at least for me, it seems to have a little milky aroma, it's a kind of bread.

It's not unpleasant, but I won't buy it specially. If you want to eat golden croissant, I will go to the Sanxia to buy it!

Jin Yue Jiao Bakery

Address:  1st Floor, No. 112, Section 2, Zhongyang Road, Tucheng District, New Taipei City 23668

Phone: +886282629332


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