Shenkeng Food,Jin Da Ding grilled fragrant tofu on skewers, line up for food? Let's line up together


There is a very important thing to do when you come to Shenkeng. No matter who you think it is, you must eat tofu. Whether it’s fragrant tofu or stinky tofu, you must always choose one to eat, or else just come. Of fake pits.

Even when people ask you why you are going to Shenkeng, they are embarrassed to say ~ just because you didn't eat tofu, haha!

When you walk in at the Dashu intersection of Shenkeng Old Street, you can see a bunch of people queuing up. In order to blend into this scene, first go and see what everyone is doing and what kind of food is it. Is it that attractive?

It turned out to be Jin Dading grilled fragrant tofu on skewers. It was a bit foul. When you first stepped into the old street, you smelled the aroma of charcoal grilling. How to keep going.

It’s best to look at how you want to match the menu first. Each match will not be too much, but some people may not like coriander or peanut powder. The basic tofu is the same. The changes are in the toppings and sauces.

Hand over the money with one hand and the tofu transaction. If you buy a few more boxes, you still need more people to get it, otherwise it's really hard to get it by yourself.

They have two kinds of kimchi, one is spicy and the other is not. This is not provided for free, but the boss puts it there for convenience. (Actually, spicy kimchi is not very spicy)

Two-color kimchi tofu. It is safe to take two bamboo skewers together when you take it. Otherwise, it will be unstable on one side and the ingredients on the top will be easy to fall off. The box must be on top when you eat, otherwise the sauce or ingredients will fall. It's difficult to deal with, especially when it gets on clothes.

The roasted sauce on the outside of the tofu itself is fragrant and fragrant, with a bit of chewy inside, it is soft and tender. The tofu itself does not have much flavoring and has the fragrance of tofu. The rest are supplemented by sauce and crispy kimchi.

The combination of kimchi + coriander, I personally like this combination. The taste is enriched by coriander, and the sweetness and sourness of kimchi is greasy. You can try it. The tofu itself is not bad. It is not certain whether you will go in line next time.

On the one hand, there are really too many people, even on weekdays, because it takes time to bake. Although you see a lot of tofu on it, it is far behind the queue of people. Going to other places to eat tofu is also an option. I believe the old The tofu on the street is not too far apart, the rest is the way of cooking.

Jin Da Ding  grilled fragrant tofu


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