Korea MAXIM-KANU Mini classic American black coffee 100 pcs, coffee endorsed by Kong Liu, Korean souvenir

Before, my mother and friends went on a self-guided trip to South Korea. Everyone bought a souvenir. It was not because they all drink coffee. Some people didn't even drink coffee very much. As a result, they were attracted by Korean star Kong Liu.

They heard that MAXIM-KANU was the coffee endorsed by Kong Liu, but everyone bought it. My mother came back and told me that the power of Han Xing Kong Liu was really great. These mothers-in-laws were trapped by him.

After I bought it, my mother hadn't drank a pack. I drank all of them. Thank you Kong Liu for letting me drink American black coffee!

This is an American black coffee from Zhongpei. There is no milk or sugar. It is very good to my appetite, because I usually drink black coffee as the main ingredient. Unless milk is added, sugar is not added at all.

There are 100 pieces in a box, which is suitable and convenient to carry. A small piece of water can be filled with about 100~120ml. It can be soaked hot or iced. It depends on personal habits. Coffee, the aroma is not bad, although it is instant coffee, but the reduction degree is still quite high, of course it can not be compared with the fresh brew.

For those who like to drink coffee every day but don't have time to brew it, the price is good and it is convenient to brew.

At the beginning, they bought a water bottle as a gift in Korea. The materials used and the quality of the production are good. They bought it as if they were earned, which deepened their determination to buy.

In addition to black coffee with different roasting levels, there are also lattes in various flavors, which are also easily available on the Taiwanese Internet.


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