Korean drama,Hospital Playlist 2-The long-awaited second season finally released

The second season of Hospital playlist, who has been calling for a long time, has postponed the time of the screening when the global epidemic has not been resolved. It always feels like a very, very long time has passed since I said it was going to be filmed until it was released now. In fact, It’s only been a year. Actually, I’m already a person who doesn’t watch Korean dramas very often, but the life of Doctor Wit really attracts me. The darkness and entanglements that are different from the previous medical dramas, this heart-warming and life-like person TV series are really unique.

What will happen to these 5 people in the second season, and what touching and funny stories will happen? I really look forward to it, especially the emotional spurs in it. This season, everyone really wants to know the answer. Part of them is that they have a childish innocence in their maturity. Only when they are 5 of them can they relax and express themselves. This kind of friendship between classmates and colleagues is really too difficult in today's society.

It will be released simultaneously on Netflix on June 17, 2021, but I have a habit. It’s too worrying to follow one episode, but I want to watch it now, and I’m very entangled in whether to wait until it’s all played. , I still have to watch episode by episode now, so annoying! Does anyone think the same way as me?


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