Liquor|Jin Jiang Da Qu 58 Degree

The most famous baijiu in Taiwan is probably Kinmen sorghum. Other types of baijiu only appeared after the private winemaking license was opened. In China, I have drunk a few brands of baijiu. It is very common in Chinese baijiu, and it is also very strong. It is fragrant, sauce-flavored, and light-scented, but wherever there is time for you to taste it slowly, they are all stuffy.

After returning to Taiwan, I only drink Kinmen Kaoliang occasionally. Otherwise, I usually drink whiskey and the like. Until I saw YouTuber Eun Heejun filming an episode of Convenience Store Bartending, he used the Gold Award Daqu to mix with drinks. I knew the existence of this wine. I went to the convenience store and took a look at the price. It is really cost-effective. This is based on bartending, and I want to quickly get into the situation and avoid the eyes.

For bartending, my concept is that there is no need to use too good base wine. This refers to the too high price. That kind of wine is considered a waste when used for bartending. It is only right to drink it directly to bring out its flavor, while bartending Most of them will be mixed with some other materials, which will cover up the alcohol concentration, smell or taste of some base wines. There will be no big problems. It can be brought in some occasions and will not be found. It is a thought. A good way to concealed drinking.

Gold Award Daqu is undoubtedly one of the good options. It has a high alcohol content and is not expensive. It can satisfy your idea of drinking. Of course, I have also drunk the Gold Award Daqu. It will be more spicy and strong, and it will feel a little bit burning, no It is a soft and smooth type, and it is easy to get on the head, so you still need to drink in moderation.

Drink without driving, and drive without drinking!


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