Miaoli Food,Dahu Baked Eggs-Another way of cooking soft-boiled eggs, lightly charcoal roasted

Had family and friends not regarded Dahu Baked Eggs as a souvenir, we would know Dahu still has this thing. We only know Dahu strawberries every time. I am really ashamed of Dahu. As your neighbors, we are really incompetent.
It seems that buying strawberries from Dahu Lake is also a good choice in the future. At least one more can be used as a souvenir. It can raise everyone’s interest in going to Dahu Lake. However, there were a lot of people on weekends, especially now it’s not near Dahu Lake. There are many campsites in the far mountains, but traffic jams often occur.

There are 7 baked eggs in a box, why only 4 are left in it? Of course, 3 eggs were eaten before I remembered to take pictures, and when I saw it, 2 were eaten, and then I knew its existence.

The eggshell itself is not as deep as the color of tea eggs, a bit like a smoked appearance, the cracks in the eggshell are a bit like dinosaur eggs? (Where I’ve seen dinosaur eggs) I can smell a faint aroma when I peel it off. I don’t really taste the aroma of strawberry wine, but the aroma of Chinese medicinal materials and charcoal roast is still there. Maybe I think it’s strange that I can’t guess the taste is strawberry Scent of wine.

The egg whites are quite elastic, and the yolk looks like a soft-boiled egg. It is a very interesting baked egg with a very special flavor. It really is a special way of cooking. How did you think of cooking it like this?

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