Movie-The Father, the world is terrifying from the perspective of a person suffering from dementia

Karma meets friends and they organized a movie watching event. When I passed the movie posters I wanted to see, my first reaction was to reject the movie. This has nothing to do with whether it looks good or not, but instinctively dislike it. Watching this type of movie is also an escape in a certain way, because I know that I can easily get involved in the feelings in watching this kind of movie, and there will be too many ups and downs in emotions, which is one that I hate. Something, I’m not used to letting my own side appear outside.

I first checked the outline on the Internet, and I didn’t even want to read it. There is an ostrich mentality that will not appear if you don’t read it. Dementia is a disease that can’t predict the time of recovery, even if there are several causes that have been studied in modern times. , But no one was accurate. Later, my mother was dragged to see it because she wanted to know about dementia.

Actor Anthony Hopkins (no doubt about acting), actress Olivia Coleman (don’t know XD), the main content revolves around the interaction between father and daughter with dementia. The front will let you see a bit Bored or clueless, my head is in confusion, the characters suddenly switch and repetitive dialogue, and the scenes inside have a sense of overlap. I wonder if I am crazy, but even so, I can’t miss the connection of every scene and every paragraph. Words and scenes can connect the whole line until the end.

How the child is exhausted to take care of the father with dementia, before he is also facing the point of collapse, how to make up his mind to send to the nursing home to let the father be taken care of, and how the father himself thinks that he has nothing, it is the daughter’s problem In fact, everyone is not wrong, nor is it their own will. It is all because of dementia that makes everyone very tired.

It’s not from the perspective of a third person to look at dementia from the perspective of a third person, nor from the perspective of her daughter, but from the perspective of the person with dementia, to see the whole relationship and worldview from the perspective of the person with dementia. Perplexed and disturbed, he realized that he seemed to have forgotten something and couldn't connect together. The repeated jumps of his thoughts made him suspicious of pain.

After watching the same movie, more than half of the audience will think this is a bad movie, otherwise it will be boring after not understanding the changes in the plot, but I don’t say a word after watching it, I don’t know what to say, when you After understanding this film, it is actually a bit scary, especially if you imagine that you are the person with dementia, and what if someone in the family is like that?

It’s not a relaxing and cozy film, but a thrilling plot that requires brainstorming. Anthony Hopkins won the Oscar for Best Actor and Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. It may not be a popular movie but it can be understood. The feeling of dementia.


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