New Taipei Sanxia-Baiji Xingxiu Temple, a branch of Taipei Xingtian Temple


Taipei Xingtian Temple is very lively on weekdays and weekends. Because of its convenient location in the city, it is very suitable for the public to visit. However, Xingtian Temple also has two sub-gongs, one in Beitou and the other in Sanxia Baiji. There should be a lot of people. I don't even know!
I visited it a long time ago, but it is not very clear that it is a branch of Xingtian Temple. I only remember that I have eaten lomei and stinky tofu here. Haha~ It is easier to remember.

On the way to the Baiji Xingxiu Palace, you will pass through a shopping street in a district. There are many tea sellers and stinky tofu with braised tofu. The smell is easy to attract people to stay. There are a few old shops, remember. On weekends, you have to wait in line to eat. There are so many people. Everyone is here to eat.

P.S. Wu’s mother is one of the most famous shops,

What’s impressive is this staircase. Actually, it’s not that long. It’s just an illusion of height. If you’re lucky, there may be cats waiting for you when you come up. It’s super comfortable and relaxing. You are not afraid of people at all. You are close to it. Ignore you, very personal.

Kind of like a reward for your hard climbing, or is it actually mocking humans for climbing stairs?

Are you familiar with the architectural design of Baiji Xingxiu Palace? It seems to be the same series as Taipei Xingtian Palace? Even entering the temple is a somewhat familiar plan, um~ it's worthy of the division palace, the same money is required, haha.

In fact, the first thing after walking up is to look back. You will find that the scenery is super good. We arrived in the evening. Looking at the scenery of the sea of clouds and the sun setting, we felt calm in the environment of the temple.

Another feature here is the garden landscape. Cherry blossoms can also be seen during the cherry blossom season. Every tree is well-maintained and neat. It really feels like a peace of mind when you come here. There is no need to be crowded in the city. On weekdays, I can chat with Guan Shengdijun to express my pressure.


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