There is no habit of boiling hot water in the United States, and most of them drink cold water.

When preparing to go to another country, you must be psychologically prepared to accept their living habits. The habit of drinking water is one of them. Our Chinese habit occasionally drink warm water (or hot water), except for making tea or making tea for granted. In addition to coffee, there is also the habit of drinking warm water (or hot water), especially some elders will say that this is better for your health, don’t drink cold water (ice water) too often, it will make your body feel bad, but This is in Asia.

When you go to the U.S., it’s another matter. There are no hot water kettles in Taiwan, because they don’t have this habit. Most of the time they drink cold water (ice water). Hot drinks are only coffee and Hot soup and the like, so when Chinese people want to drink warm water (hot water) when they go to Homestay, they have to prepare a kettle, otherwise you can’t drink it. Although the tap water from the tap is drunk, the hot water coming out of the tap is Don't drink it as hot water if you can't drink it.

Even going to the restaurant is the same. They do not provide warm water (hot water) but cold water, but from another perspective, this may have something to do with physique. The food they eat except for salads, most of the cooking methods are Deep-fried or grilled, it’s relatively hot. If I really want to drink it hot, I can’t stand it either. I think it’s more enjoyable to have a fried chicken burger with a glass of ice cola, otherwise it’s refreshing to have a pizza with a glass of cold beer. .

Of course, this is not the case for everyone. A small number of Americans may make tea and drink at home, but drinking hot water is really uncommon. At least I haven’t seen it. For Chinese, a hot water bottle feels very good. It's important, otherwise you need a quick boiling pot, besides boiling water, you can also eat instant noodles.

*When I first went to Homestay in Australia, because the host of Homestay hosted many Asian students, if you asked her, you would cook hot water for me, like when I was sick, you even made hot tea for me to drink.


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