New Taipei Food-San Xia Songbaiyuan Dumpling Restaurant,dumplings that cannot be designated as flavors

The Songbaiyuan Dumpling House, which I have been admiring for a long time, is a dumpling house introduced by a former colleague of my dad who lives in the Three Gorges. It is said that they used to eat here after get off work at the Three Gorges Factory. I will bring it here for dinner, the variety of cuisine options, the price is not expensive, and the speed is fast without losing time.
There is also a parking lot for parking, but the location is not particularly large, it is better to arrive early. The restaurant has a large space, most of which are large round tables, which are very suitable for all kinds of gatherings and dining.

Basically, there are marked prices, otherwise the waiter will tell you that these dishes seem to go well with rice. Some dishes are not listed on the menu!

The lomei will be picked up by itself and given to the waiter. They will take care of it and serve it to the table. Remember to inform the table number. There are many choices of side dishes. Don’t worry about being hungry while waiting. In fact, they serve food quickly.

Their white chicken seems to be a signature, but this time there is no order.

The sauce is indispensable when eating dumplings. Whether it is sauce or tableware, you can take it yourself. Basic soy sauce, white vinegar, sesame oil, garlic, and chili peppers are available. There is also a spicy preserved dish, which is a bit spicy but delicious. It is eaten with dumplings. Quite interesting.

There is a funny thing about eating dumplings in the store. You can only order a few dumplings, but you can’t choose the flavor. There are random flavors in the quantity listed, but you can choose the flavor for the frozen dumplings you take out, with thin skins and more fillings. It's also delicious, it won't be cooked badly. You can eat dumplings without sticking to the sauce.

The clerk recommended it, but I forgot what roll it was fried.

How can eating noodles lack the lo-wei, the lo-wei is delicious, but it will not be mixed together, and the taste of all ingredients still exists.

The quirks of the Hakka people? When you see the bamboo shoots, you will want to get sick. This boiled broth is very important, and then the bamboo shoots should not be too old. They were eaten ordinary that day.

Marinated tofu and milkfish, the seasoning is not very good, and the tofu is not tasty. They go their own ways and don't like them very much.

The vegetables are quite large, and the price is not expensive. It seems that there are not many orders. In fact, the three of us are very full after eating this way. After eating this meal, we are going to the Full Moon National Forest Recreation Area. Haha.

After the checkout, I still wondered if I would come back for dinner at night, but because I was too tired to go down the mountain and I forgot about it, I just want to go back to Taipei as soon as possible. I will want to eat other dishes next time. If I go to the Three Gorges, I don’t know where to go. If you eat.

Songbaiyuan Dumpling Restaurant

Address: No. 414, Section 2, Zhongzheng Road, Sanxia District, New Taipei City, 237

Phone: +886226714767


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