Travel in New Taipei Sanxia-Manyueyuan National Forest Recreation Area, natural forests and waterfalls

Walking into the mountains and forests, breathing the smell of Fendor, surrounded by forests, you can still hear the sound of streams, and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, um~ imagination is beautiful! The reality is cruel, because it takes a long time.
What I hate the most is mountain climbing. Although I like nature, I just wailed when I thought about climbing. This time I walked more than I expected. I walked for almost 4 hours. Of course, I had rest and stayed at the waterfall. Taking pictures, even so, it takes a long, long time.

Tickets: NT$80 for full ticket (weekdays), NT$50 for half tickets, NT$100 for full tickets (holidays), please check other preferential prices by yourself. After all, I still don't need them, so how can I remember them.

However, there is one thing to note: you must leave the park before 17:00 in the afternoon, so as not to cause confusion to the staff.

Like we go in at about 1 o’clock, and finally speed up, otherwise there will be no time. There are several routes in which you can choose your physical fitness. One way is to walk on the muddy soil, and only part of the road is cleaned up. If it rains, you can avoid that route, otherwise most of the trails are well organized, and the slope will not be very large, in fact, it is easy to walk.

The start is after the toll management station arrives at the visitor center. It takes 20 minutes to walk this section of the road. I am a little stupid. What did I go, it is just the beginning.

The route is very simple and there is no risk of going wrong. As long as there is a fork on the road, you can see the signs, and will tell you the approximate mileage and time. It kindly deceives your feelings (mainly the speed of each person is different).

Don’t worry about the sun. Almost all the trails are covered by trees. It’s pretty cool. You can hear the sound of streams, and you’ll still sweat.

The forest shop sells some food and beverages, where you can replenish and temporarily rest, and replenish energy to move forward. I see more people here than the visitor center.

There are a total of two waterfalls in the manyueyuan, one is the virgin waterfall and the other is the full moon waterfall. The two are in different directions, but if you have come, you should try to see them all. I personally think that the virgin waterfall will be more beautiful. I stand in summer. The bottom is super cool.

The deserted mountain house, don’t you think it’s actually very atmospheric, this small wooden house is a small wooden house, but unfortunately it is not maintained.

Before I actually walked into the Manyueyuan National Forest Recreation Area, there is a trail in the front section called the Gnat Creek Ecological Trail, which completely preserves the environment of the Gnat Creek. I don’t know which season to see the fish’s return home. .

You don’t need professional equipment to come to the Manyueyuan. Light clothing and simple food are enough. After all, trekking poles can be carried to help walking. The overall is a very comfortable and comfortable environment, which is very suitable for the whole family to walk around, according to their own conditions. Just do what you can, enjoy the feeling of being in the forest and relax your body and mind is the most important thing.

On weekdays, parking as far as possible to the upper parking lot, the first and second parking lots are still a long way up, so you can park on it and take a little less.


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