Shenkeng Old Street Food,Ancient Taro Wrapped Taro(Taro cake)


In addition to eating tofu in Shenkeng Old Street, there is another recommended food, which is the ancient taro-bun taro, which is located in the middle and back section of the old street (enter from the big tree entrance).
Of course, if I go by myself, I’m not really interested in it. I guess I’ll leave after taking a look. It’s not that it’s not tasty or too expensive, but I’m just a little afraid of this traditional kueh, no matter it’s grass. Kueh or Hakka vegetable buns will keep me at a distance, and I can still eat it, but I won’t take the initiative to eat it, or even if I don’t eat it, I used to like it very much. I ate a lot, and now I feel okay.

Fortunately, this time I went to the old street with my family. My parents are always interested in these old tastes and they totally attracted their attention. They stood and watched others buying them for a while and refused to leave. Finally, they turned their heads to look at us. I asked, why don’t we buy two and try the taste, can we not buy it after we have said that?

On the one hand, I ate late for lunch that day. In fact, everyone was not very hungry, so I wanted to taste it, but didn't plan to take it home.

In fact, I ate it after a few bites. One bite feels like taro, with a bit of shrimp oil and green onion, the outside is soft and elastic, and the inside is taro chunks. It’s really taro. People who like to eat taro. Will love it very much.

Next time you can try its glutinous rice large intestine, it is very time-consuming to make, especially to clean up and no fishy smell, and the steaming time should be very careful to make the glutinous rice soft and hard, and the large intestine must maintain the taste.

Their taro kueh was steamed on the spot, and they were eaten hot when they were in the hand. They smelled very good. I heard that they would be better when they were kept cold, and they were all eaten before they were cold.

Shenkeng Taro ㄚ Bao Taro ㄚ


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