Unboxing-Japan's Shintani Enzyme NIGHT DIET Thermal Control Sunmi Enzyme King Gold Edition 60mg, Turmeric Enhanced Edition

The topic of fat loss and weight loss will never stop. Maybe occasionally the heat will drop, but it will never disappear. There is no difference in age. Whether it is for health or for a good-looking figure, this war will not end.

Even my dad is no exception. He even went to see what enzymes he could eat. Xingu Enzyme was what he wanted to try after seeing the introduction. He also specially selected this enzyme with 160% king-like gold version 60mg, turmeric. The amount has also been strengthened, it sounds like it is very powerful, everything has been strengthened!

Just threw me a task. The Internet is cheaper than the price. In which country is online shopping cheaper? Will you buy fake Xingu Enzyme? Due to the popularity of Xingu Enzyme, I did not expect that there will be fake Xingu Enzyme, which is really unexpected, and there is also a version of teaching how to distinguish between real and fake. How far is it?

Later, I consulted a friend who is familiar with Japanese online shopping. My friend said that buying in Japan is less likely to buy fakes. In the end, you will buy directly from the Japanese Amazon website, which is much cheaper than buying in Taiwan, and includes international shipping costs. It takes about 1 week to ship, and it can be received in less than 2 weeks at most, depending on the multinational transportation company used.

There are 30 packets in a box, and each packet contains 5 small tablets. Take one packet at a time, 1 to 3 packets a day, swallow with warm or cold water. Do not use hot water for fear of destroying the activity of enzymes.

This kind of turmeric will have a strong scent, and you can smell it when you open the package.

But be careful. If your body is a bit hot and hot, you should pay attention to the amount of food you eat. Then you must drink plenty of water, otherwise you may have constipation. It is still necessary to adjust according to your personal physical condition. At least I personally have this. This kind of sensation, so I have reduced the amount of food, because my physique is relatively hot and dry.

The reason for eating enzymes is to help digestion and metabolism. Does it really achieve the effect of reducing fat and weight? I don’t feel this way. Maybe it’s not suitable for me. After all, it’s hard to eat the recommended dosage, but it may be very good if you change individuals. Effect.


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