Korean Variety Show-The Sixth Sense returns in the second season, the original team host joins Lee Sang-yeop

tvN Korean Variety Show Sixth Sense is back in the second season. After half a year, it is back again. In addition to the original team hosts Yoo Jae-seok, Oh Nara, Jeon Soomin, Jessi, and Lee Mi-joo, the new host is the number one. Ji starred in one episode of actor Li Sangye. At that time, Li Sangye was so embarrassed by the hostesses that he didn't dare to talk casually and was too shy. Can he survive safely after becoming a fixed host this time?
The production team of the first episode of the second season spent a lot of money, eating super-expensive ginseng chicken soup, beef cakes, and high-end Korean snack packages, all of which are unimaginable prices. From which angle and details to judge. Which is true and which is false? For the authenticity of the production, a well-known chef was especially hired to design the menu and produce the finished product. The production of the show was costly, at least this is a variety show that will not happen in Taiwan.

In addition to allowing yourself to guess what is fake with them, the most important thing is to watch the interactive dialogue between them, how to question each other, make unexpected actions and words, and increase the richness of the program content. The key point is that everyone is very likely to suddenly pop up with dumbfounding words. After watching the first episode of the second season, they will want to know what the next theme will be, and what exaggeration the production unit will make. What about the set and content? I can only continue to look forward to it.


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