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For a person who doesn’t like steamed buns, I definitely didn’t come to the Doupu shop according to my personal wishes, and it would not be me who found this shop. At most, I just glance at it more when I pass by, but I won’t leave. Go in, let alone consumer purchases.

Yes, the answer is my dad. This type of shop attracts his attention very much. He likes to eat steamed buns and buns. He can also eat pure steamed buns. Therefore, he will definitely see a steamed bun shop that he has not eaten before. Buy a few and have a look.

He discovered Doupu, the steamed bun shop he wanted to buy again after eating, and he took me to accompany him, saying that it was better than the one he used to buy.

There is a dining area indoors, even if you don’t take it out, you can enjoy it in the store as a simple meal or afternoon tea.

It is completely different from the traditional steamed buns shop. There is no flour flying everywhere, no steaming steam, and it has become fashionable and exquisite food, so the packaging is very important, of course, the most important thing is the taste.

Since the name is Doupuzi, the products will be related to Douzi, so how can you lack Douhua and soy milk? Try it again next time!

I think the most powerful thing about Doupu is its wide variety. Whether it is steamed buns or steamed buns, they are very rich and varied, and even increase from time to time. It takes a while to try each of them.

The dough has good elasticity and aroma, and the filling materials are very solid, and it is indeed delicious. The main reason is that the taste is very simple and not too heavy. No wonder my dad likes it.

Doupuzi Guangfu Store

Address: No. 292-1, Guangfu South Road, Da'an District, Taipei City 106

Phone: +886227110959


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