Taipei Late Night Food,Liu's cold noodles,a paradise for those who stay up late,the later the more lively

This is a cold noodle shop that opens at night until the early hours of the morning. Basically, it is not a night owl. It is difficult to eat. It is a paradise for supper. On the contrary, the later it becomes more lively. In fact, I want to go here for a long time. Little will be outside.
If it weren’t for a gathering with friends that day and drinking, chatting and chatting until 2~3 in the morning, I was suddenly hungry, and I wanted something to eat before I ran to eat Liu’s cold noodles, otherwise I really don’t know when I will go, it’s really better to choose another day. When hitting the sun, I feel that many people are just like us, drinking or running hungry for supper after going to the bar.

Don’t think that there are still guests at this night. There are really enough guests, and they have not stopped. There are even people waiting in line. The seats inside are full of people. In summer, it’s better to sit outside to cool down.

The menu is very simple, but there is no cold noodles with minced pork or cold noodles with mustard pork. It is simple cold noodles with original flavor and cold noodles with fried sauce. The types of soup are quite special. There are also pork liver soup and hot pork liver, for this Do people who stay up all night replenish the liver?

This half-boiled poached egg must have one. Add a bit of half-boiled egg yolk on the cold noodles to increase the mellow flavor and taste. Every time I eat cold noodles, I divide a little area to try different sauces and ingredients. One kind of cold noodles, many enjoyment.

Drinking a bowl of hot soup in the evening is still very comfortable, especially after drinking a night of wine, there is still quite a lot of soup in it.

The original cold noodles taste very light and not very thick. This is the basic seasoning size of the store. If you feel that it is not enough, you can add the sauce yourself. The light sesame sauce and garlic are not heavy, but it is just right for the evening. After all, it’s too late to eat too burdensome food. I also want to try the original taste of not adding sauce according to personal taste. Another reason is that after drinking, the taste is a bit dull, and a lot of sauce must be added. Only when I eat it can I achieve the feeling of normal taste, which is too heavy for myself, unless it is adjusted when I am fully awake.

If the next time I still drank so late, maybe I would go there again, otherwise I would be lazy to run to eat so late.

Liu's Cold Noodles

Address: No. 21-1, Guangfu South Road, Songshan District, Taipei City 105

Phone: +886227634573



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