Taipei Songshan Station Store-Sukiya, drunk and sober up with curry?


Hungry after singing and drinking with friends during the day? (It seems there’s something weird. I sing normally during the day and drink alcohol?) People are still sleeping on the weekends. Is it cheap to sing during the day. Anyway, I’m hungry, so I walked into Sukiya. This is the first time I have eaten Sukiya. Thinking of being drunk.
So it’s normal if there are no other recorded photos. I can’t remember at all. I want to eat some heavy-tasting food after drinking. The taste is a little bit dull. If you don’t eat some heavy-tasting, you won’t feel what you have eaten, so I ordered it. I eat curry. Actually, I am very hesitant to eat curry. I am afraid it will be too irritating to my stomach. As a result, I am dumbfounded when I feel nauseous and want to vomit.

My friend was drunk and drunk than me. He ordered a set meal and ate more than me. It was also quite powerful. He still remembers to have a balanced nutrition. He can't remember all the conversations during the meal. It has the effect of amnestics.

The taste of the curry is indeed good, it is very rich and heavy, and it can be matched with a lot of white rice. This is my remaining memory, because I have finished eating it.

When should I eat すき家 Sukiya when I am awake? In fact, Sukiya is very convenient. It is open 24 hours, and it has many choices and is suitable for one person to eat. The delivery speed is fast and does not delay too much time, but there is a reason why it will be delayed until now. Gyudon is their main reason. For the cuisine, I eat less beef now, and it depends on the situation. So if I don’t eat gyudon, it seems like something is missing. Of course, other cuisines shouldn’t be too bad. It’s just a little bit of persistence. As a result, until now, there will be a chance for Sukiya.

すき家 SUKIYA Songshan Station Front Store

Address: No. 312, Section 6, Civic Avenue, Songshan District, Taipei City 105

Phone: +886225528700


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