Unboxing-Korean honey citron tea, one of the representatives of popular Korean products

When it comes to South Korea, what do you think of first? Korean ginseng? Kimchi? Korean instant noodles? Korean seaweed? Korean shochu? How can you forget Korean honey citron tea~~ This is a Korean tea that has been popular in Taiwan very early, can it not be attractive for its sweet taste?
It is a taste that both adults and children like. The honey is sweet, with a grapefruit aroma but not sour and full of nutrients. It is no problem whether it is hot or iced.

There are 25 sachets in this bag, which is suitable for brewing and drinking with you. Otherwise, it is usually bought in bottles in the supermarket. It is very convenient to drink at home but not suitable for going out. This sweetness will not make people feel uncomfortable, and you can make it yourself. Adjust the weight.

I still remember when I was in the United States, my roommate was a Korean. When I saw that I had a cold, I made a cup of hot honey grapefruit tea for me. It was quite comfortable. Of course, I should not soak in too hot water, which would destroy the nutrients in it.

The taste of each brand is slightly different. In fact, it depends on your personal taste. You can only try which one suits you!


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