Unboxing-Korean pomegranate tea, cold drink is better and can also be mixed alcoholic beverages


Is pomegranate tea, one of the Korean souvenirs, a good choice? What psychological preparations should be made? In fact, it's not that scary. If you like to drink it, buy it.
And now it’s so convenient to shop. In fact, you can buy a lot of local souvenirs without going to Korea. This is what my mother brought back when she went to Korea. After all, she didn’t know what to buy, so she bought a little bit of food symbolically. Also easy to carry.

The first Korean tea you know about should be honey grapefruit tea. Pomegranate tea is relatively unfamiliar to Taiwanese. Even pomegranate fruit itself may not be common. Not many people have eaten it. It was more common in China before. There are still many girls who like to eat it. The sour, astringent and slightly sweet taste must be a taste that everyone can accept.

There are about 25 sachets in this bag. Just take one bag at a time to brew. Try to brew with cold water. If you use hot water and warm water, it will feel a little powdery sedimentation underneath. (In addition, it will destroy the nutrients inside. ) The last entrance will not be so comfortable, cold water and ice water are better choices, and a drink in summer is quite enjoyable.

It is sweet and sour. If it is too sweet, add more water. After adding more water, I can accept it. I can also mix it with Korean shochu or vodka.

There are also pomegranate tea products in Turkey? I have the opportunity to try the difference in the future.


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