Unboxing-LINE FRIENDS hot-pressed toast machine,why can't it produce a Brown?


The hot-pressed toast machine should be a product that I will not actively buy in my life. I will spit it out first. After all, its function is relatively single. Only in hot-pressed toast, I can do the same with a pot if I have trouble. It’s just that there is no pattern on it, but it doesn’t affect the feeling of eating.

In addition, how many people in Taiwanese families can eat toast every morning, so after most people buy it, the frequency of use is very low. After the excitement period before, it is estimated that they have not been moved there, so I imagined a good feeling. There is always a gap with reality.

However, since there is a hot-squeezing driver at home, let’s try it hard. It can’t be displayed as a display. Anyway, you need the memory you have used before, so you don’t lose it, and it is LINE FRIENDS In terms of the face, you have to open it up and operate it. What is it like to make hot-pressed toast at home?

The contents after opening the box are only the hot-pressed toaster body and the manual, and nothing else. This size also surprised me a bit. It is a very small one. I can imagine that I can only put the toast of the exact size in it, once. Can only make a hot-pressed toast.

Without a power switch, it will automatically heat up when you plug in the power source, so remember to unplug it when you don’t use it. It can’t be idle for more than 1 hour, and there is no timing function. You have to calculate the heating time by yourself, otherwise it will be very difficult. It may be burnt.

Wipe it with a wet wipe before using it for the first time, then plug it in and let it start heating first. It’s normal that it will emit some smell, but it’s really bad. I wiped it again with a wet wipe later. It is not detachable, so it is not so convenient to clean. The best way is to wipe it with a wet wipe or a rag. When making it, it is best not to have any food on the iron plate, otherwise it will be a little troublesome to clean.

The size is just a piece of toast. There is no way to use thick slices. Only thin slices can be used to buckle the machine. If you can’t buckle, you can’t press it with your hands. Both the upper cover and the main body underneath are very hot. Don't touch it, it will definitely burn.

The only thing you can hold is the handle, so it’s not recommended to put too many ingredients in the middle of the toast. If it leaks out, it will be impossible to cover. If you want to go to the side of the toast, you can decide by yourself. The shape may be better, but I like toast with edges.

The above light is on, it means it is heating, it will go out for about 1 minute, and then it will be heating after a while.

Some people will apply a layer of cream or olive oil on it, but I don't want to eat too much oil without using it. If there is cream, the aroma will be more fragrant.

This is about 3 minutes and it’s out of the oven. There is only cheese slices inside. After all, it’s just a try first. I’m afraid that adding too many ingredients will fail. It will not be easy to clean up. In addition, I think it’s troublesome to prepare the ingredients. The simpler the better. Will have the motivation to continue to use.

It’s fun to use, and it feels like eating toast that has just been hot-pressed. With a cup of American coffee, it’s a simple and pleasant breakfast or afternoon tea, but how long can you maintain this freshness? Go on!

correct! Obviously it is the hot-pressed toaster of LINE FRIENDS. In order to press the check pattern inside, it doesn't have a bear-like shape, otherwise, I also get a replaceable iron plate.


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