Study in the United States-In the heart of the Waban community in Boston, shopping streets and subway

Every small town has a center for watching American TV series or movies. Everyone will go there every day to add shopping or chat with the people in the town. Otherwise, go to the bar after get off work and drink a few glasses of wine before going home, but later After really going to the United States, you will find that this is not found in every community or town. Needless to say, those remote from the urban area will be inconvenient for residents.

And living in a relatively lively urban area, basically you have to drive for a while to buy things, and it is normal for more than 20 to 30 minutes.

It is a very luxurious and happy thing to have an area like a shopping street in the community, and that place must be a good community environment.

The Boston Waban area is even a good place. According to the staff of the school, this area is basically safe and the environment is clean and tidy. It is considered a wealthy community. The people you meet are very polite and friendly.

There is also an MBTA WABAN STATION. It takes about 40 minutes to enter Boston Park Street by subway. Most of Boston’s attractions can be reached by subway because it is not so convenient to drive into the city. Locals will also drive to the parking lot next to the subway station. Later, take the subway to the city center or watch NBA, MLB and other games.

In addition to hardware stores, grocery stores, dry cleaners, Starbucks coffee, Bank of America, U.S. Postal Service, real estate, small restaurants, libraries, tailor shops, schools, it can meet basic needs. You really need to buy a lot of items. Going to the big supermarket is already a very convenient place.


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