A man needs to have long hair once in his life to have a personality and it is cool!

Long, long time ago, there were a lot of boys with long hair. No matter which country’s historical photos, there are a lot of them. After all, they don’t have as many hairdressers as they do now. They can also do so many styling and design for your hair. Dyeing, they didn't have any choice back then, it was only after they had the tools that they started so many tricks, otherwise simple and neat should be a good requirement in the past.

In my era, Taiwan’s elementary school to high school had hair bans. All of them needed to be in accordance with the regulations. Otherwise, it was either read by the teacher or scolded by the instructor, or even recorded. They would pull your hair down and check the length. You can see everyone’s intrigue from time to time. Combing your hair up is a small case. It’s not like hiding it inside. Any method or excuse can happen. For a few millimeters, it can cause a huge war, especially when you cut your hair. Also discuss with the hairdresser how to cut as little as possible.

So after graduating from high school, I was liberated from the hair ban. In fact, high school has secretly dyed very dark colors, which is black and a little dark brown. I slowly wiped the edges and dyed my hair immediately after graduation. , And then I don’t have short hair. I just let my hair grow freely. By the way, I can save the cost of cutting hair. It really kills two birds with one stone. In fact, my elders at that time didn’t like boys with long hair. Long hair will be broken and unhappy. It has something to do with their background and concepts. Therefore, I ignore their thoughts and follow what I feel comfortable with. The hair grows on my head but not them. How can they understand that they actually want to? One of the factors of growing long hair is to break free and leave the world controlled by people all the time, even if the excuse is for your own good.

I don’t remember how long it took to have long hair at the beginning, at least 1-2 years. Hair is as long as the shoulders. You can tie it up with a headband or push it up with a headband, but it’s a little bit when you wash your hair. Trouble, it takes a long time to blow my hair, especially I still have the habit of washing my hair every day, but at that time I didn't find it inconvenient or hard, I still thought it was cool.

Another advantage is that when you try to grow long hair, you can understand the pain of girls. Long hair is really difficult to wash your hair every day, but sometimes it depends on people. Some women just wash their hair lazily. Not in this example, and long hair still needs maintenance, be sure to use products such as conditioner, and comb the hair so that the hair does not become knotted and split too much.

Recently I am thinking about whether to grow my hair longer. If I leave it this time, it should be the last time in my life. I don’t know if I will have this idea and opportunity in the future, and I don’t know how much hair will be left. It’s really troublesome. The summer is longer than in the past. It’s really hot to stay long in such a hot weather. It’s been cool before and has a personality. Do you want to do it again this time? In fact, I came up with this idea only after thinking of some sentimental things, alas!


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