【Boston, USA】Freedom Trail-16 important historical sites.

Boston Old Town Trolley Tour

One of the most famous red routes in Boston is marked on the ground. Most of them are connected with red heads. It is called Freedom Trail. Following this route can take you through 16 important historical sites in Boston. The whole journey is approximately About 4 kilometers (2.5mile), it will take 1.5~2 hours to complete the walk. Most of the attractions are free to visit, and a small number of them require tickets or donations to visit. This depends on personal thoughts, assuming that the time in Boston is not long This Freedom Trail is also not to be missed. It can take you to understand the history of Boston in the past. Even if you are not interested in history, it is good to see these historical monuments. It is quite pleasant to stroll through the streets of Boston’s Old Town.

You can search the official website of Freedom Trail for a tour that suits you. They will give a detailed introduction, but they are all on foot. In addition, you can take the tourist tram for the Boston Old Town Trolley Tour. You can get on and off at any time. Get off the bus, and you can see more Boston street scenes. You can choose according to your personal needs, or you can explore this freedom road by yourself without participating in any Tour, as long as you start along the red route from the starting point of Boston Common.


The official historical monuments of the Freedom Trail are as follows:

  1. Boston Common
  2. Massachusetts State House
  3. Park Street Church
  4. Granary Burying Ground
  5. King's Chapel
  6. King's Chapel Burying Ground
  7. Benjamin Franklin statue and the site of the first public school, Boston Latin School
  8. Old Corner Bookstore
  9. Old South Meeting House
  10. Old State House
  11. Boston Massacre
  12. Faneuil Hall
  13. Paul Revere House
  14. Old North Church
  15. Copp's Hill Burying Ground
  16. USS Constitution
  17. Bunker Hill Monument

But I didn’t complete the whole route of the Freedom Road myself. Most of the attractions I visited were scattered in time. On the one hand, I didn’t want to walk the Freedom Road by myself, and on the other hand, it was the freedom that no one wanted to follow me completely. I felt that it would take too long to go, so I can only go to these historical sites and attractions. Therefore, I have not participated in the commentary. It is a pity to say that, but I am relatively less curious about history, every time I listen to it. The historical story is soon forgotten.

A lot of time is immersed in the atmosphere of walking in the old city. It is quite interesting to see some of the buildings left over from the beginning. Walking aimlessly in the streets, in fact, you will unconsciously The only thing that passes through many historical sites is whether you know it exists.

Fortunately, the Internet is very convenient to find any information. Basically, if you have a mobile phone that can access the Internet, there is no problem that can block you. On the contrary, although I had the Internet when I was in Boston, it was still not as convenient as it is now. I still need to hold a map for assistance occasionally, but I feel that it is more atmospheric to understand a city while walking and looking at it with a paper map.

Remember when you arrive in Boston, don't miss this Freedom Trail. The history of Boston is of great significance to the United States, and most of the places can be walked on foot.


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