【Boston, USA】MBTA Red Line Harvard Station, the attraction is the legendary Harvard University.


When it comes to Boston, no one doesn’t know about Harvard University and MIT. This is a school that everyone aspires to, and it is also one of the best universities in the world. Almost tourists who come to Boston will want to come here to feel the atmosphere up close. , Their location is very easy to identify and find. They can be found without the guidance of a map. Just open the Boston subway route map and find Harvard Station on the red line subway. You can see Harvard Station when you get off at this station and get off the station. Harvard campus.

Of course, there are also Starbucks and Harvard Square that you can see when you come out. This is a very good target for meeting friends. I have met with friends at this location several times. In fact, besides Harvard University, this place is also a place for food and drink. The gathering place of shops, even if you don’t come to visit Harvard University, you can eat nearby.

Because the composition of students in Harvard University is very international, talents from all over the world will come here to study and further study, so the surrounding environment is also very diverse. Do you think they are talking about super powerful or professional knowledge, haha!

The restaurants here are also very international. You can find Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Korean, American and so on. Even the bubble milk tea is sold. There are simple meals that are convenient for you to take out, and there are also Sit down and have a meal. From day to night, the surrounding area of Harvard Station is very lively. After eating, you can go shopping here. Enjoy the atmosphere at Harvard!


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