Study abroad in the United States-Boston Metro Transport MBTA, Waban station, I did not expect the ticket machine to have Chinese and other languages besides English

Convenience of transportation is actually one of the reasons why Boston was chosen at the time. Its subway route range is relatively large and can cover the main areas around the city. Of course, there is no way to go too far to the suburbs, but this is already for the movement of students. It's a lot convenient.
Both the language school and Homestay have subway stations, which can be reached by walking for about 10-15 minutes (this distance is not too long). It is also very convenient to go to the city again. This is very important, sometimes after class You can walk around, after all, Boston is still quite a city with cultural heritage and history.

Basically, subway stations outside the urban area are long like this. There are several ticket purchasing machines and pavilions. In winter, the pavilions have heating. Otherwise, it is really cold outside in winter, but in cities where it snows, buy In addition to English, the ticket machine also has Chinese and other languages. This is also because there are actually quite a few international students and residents in Boston. Even if you just arrive, you don't have to worry about not knowing how to buy tickets.

There are drivers on the subway. They are not self-driving. You can ask the driver if you have any problems with the station. Most of them are very kind.

In fact, I quite like the shape of the subway. The seats inside are also comfortable. They also use colors to distinguish different routes. You have to remember the names of the front and back stations so that you won’t find the direction and get on the wrong station. In fact, it won’t be very complicated. , At least I don’t have much experience in sitting and standing.

The number of cars in the impression will increase and decrease according to the situation, such as commuting hours or days with a ball game.

I remember that most of my time in Boston is dependent on the subway. Except for occasionally renting a car to travel, I don’t even seem to have used a bus.



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