[Boston, USA] Harvard University tour, open campus not even students can go in and feel the atmosphere.

Harvard University is an unattainable dream for most people. When I was a student, I should have had a dream to go to Harvard University in the future. How good would it be to study at Harvard University in the future, but I recognized early on that I am not the one who can read. , It is estimated that it depends on the outstanding performance of grades and other aspects, such as participating in extracurricular activities and expertise, can have the effect of adding points, but that person will definitely not be me, haha!

This does not mean that there is no chance to visit the campus of Harvard University. When you have the opportunity to stay in Boston for a period of time, how can you miss the opportunity to visit Harvard University? Whether you are visiting Boston or doing business, it is short-term It is still long-term, and basically it is difficult for anyone to resist its charm. Maybe someone who does not visit the historical sites in the city will come to see the legendary Harvard University and the nearby Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Just get on the red line of the Boston subway, coordinated to Harvard Station. As soon as you get out of the subway station, you can see Harvard University’s campus surrounding the surrounding area. In fact, a lot of tourists will come here and walk around, occasionally on campus. When you see commentary groups or groups that come to visit together, its campus is a completely open environment. Whether you are a student or a tourist, you can walk into the campus. Of course, the inside of the building is not the case. It is still necessary to protect their own rights.

This statue is a must pass by Harvard. If you can’t come here to study, you have to touch the left foot of the statue. It has been touched and shiny, and it seems that you will become smarter if you touch it. There is also this kind of superstition abroad. Yes, no matter whether you can come to Harvard University in the end, you can't be absent and you have to go up and touch it a few times. Maybe you will be wise!

Wandering on the Harvard campus, there is no sense of reality. It seems that this is an ordinary university. You can't see its power. Do people who come and go think they are students studying here? They don’t say that you can’t tell who is the student and the tourist. It’s like visiting a scenic spot. The beautiful buildings and the neatly maintained campus are not like a campus. These The external thing cannot reflect its own connotation.

But at least I can brag with others after I go back, I have been to Harvard University, haha! In fact, it may not be as difficult to enter Harvard University as you think. As long as you have a day when this dream may not be achieved, the results of foreign universities are part of it, but not absolute. Maybe that person is you, and me? Come to Harvard University as a tourist!


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