Jack‘s’ Unprofessional Cooking-Homemade yogurt,long-life milk and lactic acid bacteria.


Original long-life milk: 600 ml
Lactic acid bacteria: 1.5 g
Clean and disinfected fresh-keeping box


Alcohol or high temperature sterilization box or jar, pour the long-life milk into it, then pour the lactic acid bacteria and stir evenly, and you are done!
The rest is waiting time. After the fermentation is complete, put it in the refrigerator to eat.


This homemade yogurt is different from the traditional fresh milk. It uses long-life milk, so it can be fermented at room temperature. Otherwise, you need to use an electric pot or steamer to help the fermentation. You even need to boil the milk in advance. To achieve the effect of concentration, evaporate some water to make the lactic acid bacteria ferment more smoothly. This original recipe was placed in the refrigerator at room temperature for 48 hours, but it is obvious that the temperature is the key to the effect, so the fermentation is over. It should be put in the refrigerator early, it solidified into a pudding-like shape a little bit more, it should be thick and flowing state, but the general idea is correct!

In addition, the ratio of lactic acid bacteria to milk is hard to say. The bacterial content of each brand is different. Some may have a ratio of 1000 ml of fresh milk to 3g of lactic acid bacteria, but it may be possible that 1.5g of fresh milk can ferment 1000 ml of fresh milk. Therefore, in addition to looking at the product description, it is necessary to try it out!


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