Premium luxury soy sauce? Golden Black Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce/Black bean

The brand of Doyoubo has been well-known in Taiwan for a long time. Especially for some time, people who are almost overwhelmed can see the news of them. It is also a daily consumable that mothers often buy in group purchases. After all, soy sauce is a standing sauce, and there are many classic dishes in Taiwan. Soy sauce is needed. It is indispensable. Now it is a bit low-key, but the price is still not low-key. The price of Doyoubo soy sauce has always been relatively high. You can buy several bottles of traditional big brands for one bottle! It's not that everyone will have different opinions.

Its demands have also led to the price point. The raw materials produced in Taiwan include black beans and wheat, which are 100% non-genetically modified without pesticides. As the main raw materials for brewing, the brewing time needs to be added. These are its selling points and pursuits. , High-quality pure brewed soy sauce.

The relationship between the epidemic situation and the exhibition activities have decreased a lot. In the past, if you saw a Doyoubo at the exhibition, you would buy a few bottles for some special promotions. Now there is no way to buy a group with friends. I can only buy soy sauce by myself, and buy six bottles at a time. The price is relatively favorable. Recently, they have cooperated with old Sichuan and added a package of spicy duck blood tofu soup. They have different promotion activities on each platform or regional business sales, even their own official website. Promotional activities are also slightly different, so you can browse on various platforms before making a purchase and make sure that it meets the needs.

Six bottles of Golden Black Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce and 
a pack of old Sichuan spicy duck blood tofu soup NT$1950.

Golden Black Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce/Black bean No Added Sugar 500ml,
original price NT$370/bottle.

It seems that this box can be filled with 12 bottles of Doyoubo Soy Sauce, but I really bought 12 bottles for how long it takes to eat, and it is not something to drink. There are many choices for Doyoubo Soy Sauce, from soybeans, black beans, Different combinations and collocations are made based on wheat. Golden soy sauce is black bean soy sauce without added sugar. In the age of health care, no added sugar is actually a demand and choice of many people, and this is the main choice this time. main reason.


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