Unboxing-Elate Pudding(panna cotta),Popular Souvenirs from Tainan's Famous Products


Do I have to go to Tainan to buy souvenirs from famous shops in Tainan? You are wrong... No matter where you buy it, it can be delivered to your home, otherwise you can buy it at some cooperative convenience stores. It is really too good for pudding cheese control or dessert control. It's terrifyingly convenient.
But to be honest, if it weren’t for someone recommending it and then buying it when family members went out to play with friends, I really didn’t know that this was a specialty of Tainan. It’s still 20 years away? In the past few years, I have occasionally visited Tainan. Why haven't my friends in Tainan introduced it to me? Hmm~ Maybe they don't even eat desserts!

Their physical stores are all in Tainan. The first sales model was the stores opened after home delivery. The information on these websites is not my concern. The most important thing is whether I can surpass my childhood memories and unified pudding. What?

The comprehensive gift box has four flavors, sesame flan, fresh milk pudding, mango flan, and cocoa flan. Each is about 170g. You can eat up to two at a time. It's not because you can't eat it, but I personally feel that eating two is the limit. No matter how much it is, it will be a bit greasy, and it is not what I can bear.

They all use fresh ingredients, including eggs and fresh milk. They do not use additives or chemical flavors. The pudding (panna cotta) they make are quite rich, fragrant and delicate, but the sweetness is a little bit higher for me, especially for eating. At the end, of course, I did not pour it out according to the suggestion. I thought it was too troublesome. Even so, I tried to get the sauce in every bite. The taste of mango and cocoa I personally find it hard to tell, it’s all sauce. The problem with the juice is not the cheese itself. Maybe it is not so suitable for my taste. It is a bit different from the original taste of the ingredients I imagined.


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