The evolution of the times, the decline of radio stations.

When I was young, it was not as convenient as it is now. TV is still a luxury. Not everyone has it. Even if there are, there are only three programs. Music is not like you want to listen to music online. As long as there is an Internet, whether it is TV or music You can listen to it at any time, and there are a variety of types for you to choose from. At that time, you could only listen to the broadcast with a radio. Even the cassette player was only popularized later. It is enviable to have one.

At that time, adults were also used to turning on the radio to listen to news, weather, traffic and other livelihood information, which can be learned through broadcast news, which is a very convenient way to understand information. Other times, they listen to music and program hosts. The chat, to pass the time also seems to have a sense of company, not so boring and lonely.

Of course, some programs are a bit boring for children, but you can't win over adults. You can only be forced to listen to the programs they like to listen to, especially in the car back to grandpa’s house. There will be no lack of radio. At that time, traffic jams on highways could only rely on it, until after I had my own tape recorder, I started to listen to the broadcasts I wanted to listen to. After all, cassettes were not cheap. Occasionally, I could save money to buy a cassette that likes celebrities. Very good.

I still remember that UFO radio was the most popular at that time. Many well-known TV stars or singers would go up to promote or host a show. When the singer releases a new album, he will be on the radio program to promote and advertise, so it is also the fastest I can learn about the places where new songs are on the market, and I can also listen to the host introducing foreign music. That was how I learned about foreign music and singers.

It is also a partner who accompanies me to do homework and review before exams. I am a person who can’t study in a too quiet environment. I think it’s weird. I always have to use music to do things or study more comfortably. Of course, I will be disturbed occasionally, but at least someone will accompany me when I am boring, otherwise studying for exams is really boring.

Later, after I went to China for a while and came back, I broke away from the radio for a long time. I haven't listened to the radio for about 7 to 8 years. One day I turned on the radio at home and heard the sound played in it seemed a bit strange and familiar. , I am familiar with hearing the dialogue from the speakers instead of the host. It is estimated that there are not many people left in the programs I have listened to in the past. It is either that the program is closed, or the host is too tired to resign.

Nowadays, many radio stations will not continue to operate. Because of the changes in technology and the development of the Internet, it is easier for everyone to obtain information from other places. Gradually, the number of people listening is not as large as in the past, so there will not be too many advertisers. The resources invested in radio stations also make them more and more difficult to operate. Unless they make some changes, it is hoped that broadcasting is a product that must not be eliminated and cannot be eliminated, because although the network is very convenient and fast to develop, the problem is power outages. At that time, it is completely unusable. Only when the broadcast can be received can information be obtained. It is still quite emotional to watch the radio stations disappear one by one.



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