Fullon Hotel Ajishi Teahouse-Golden Chef's Chicken Soup, Frozen Home Delivery, so you can nourish health at home

I knew before that the Fullon Hotel hired Aki as the culinary director, but I really didn’t know that the fullon Hotel Danshui Fisherman’s Wharf opened an Akishi restaurant because my mother and a friend ordered chicken soup. I only found out after the frozen home was delivered.
After all, Tamsui is too far away, it’s difficult to go there for dinner, unless there is a special arrangement or a party to get there. Otherwise, to be honest, you may not go to Tamsui once a year, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t go to Danshui now. Order home delivery online.

A team of gold medal chefs led by Ajishi has carefully developed three warming and health-preserving soups "Garlic Clam Chicken Soup", "Turmeric and 100 Mushroom Stewed Chicken Soup", and "Nine-tailed Ginseng Ginseng Chicken Soup" frozen buns. According to the description, it is made of real ingredients and slow cooking. It can be eaten after heating at home. You don't need to cook the chicken soup for several hours by yourself. It can help you solve the most difficult things directly. You can drink it in about 10 minutes. Serve a bowl of hot chicken soup.

They ordered two packs of each flavor. In fact, the serving size is not very large. It can barely be drunk by two people (after adding water). The ingredients in each flavor are shown. The garlic clam chicken soup: the fragrance of garlic and the Fresh clams, turmeric and mushroom chicken soup: the faint turmeric scent will not repel the mushrooms that are very suitable for chicken soup, nine tail grass and American ginseng chicken soup: special nine tail grass taste and the fragrance of American ginseng, drink each one. There are all kinds that seem to be nourished for the body, but I personally feel that the seasoning is a bit heavy. It is very rich when it is directly heated, but it is a bit salty, so we all add extra water to dilute it. This depends on personal taste. Maybe someone I think it's OK.

Generally speaking, it is quite convenient. After all, it usually takes a lot of time to cook this kind of soup, and it may not have the effect of their cooking. The taste of this kind of big pot must be relatively deep, which will save a lot of effort and reduce Trouble, of course, friends who like to cook by themselves should cook it by themselves. This is suitable for occasionally changing the taste and drinking the taste of the chefs.


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