Unboxing Group Buying Food-fullon hotel extremely black tomahawk beef noodle

I almost forgot to open the box, the very black Tomahawk beef noodles at the Fullon Hotel Tamsui. My mother participated in a group purchase by a friend (she doesn’t eat beef), but in order to win, I want to say that if I bought it, my brother would also eat it. Next, beef products will appear at home.
This is actually a group purchase when it first went on the market. Because the relatives of my mother's friend worked in the Fullon Hotel, I recommended whether they should try it out and give them feedback by the way. Of course, this is not free!

I added the black bean sprouts myself. The original package only contained beef, beef broth, and noodles.

I still have to pass the beef noodle festival creative champion chef Zhong Kunci personally rigorously selected, it sounds like very powerful, although I don't care about the beef noodle festival at all, I don't know who the chef is, hahaha, it is really bad.

When the express delivery comes, it is packed in a cold storage bag, which is still kept in a low temperature and frozen state. There are 5 servings in total. The soup and noodles are stored separately. Each package is one serving, and the rest of the ingredients can be added by yourself The noodles are egg yolk noodles and need to be stored in the freezer, but don’t need to be thawed, just throw them in and cook them.

The beef soup dumplings can be heated in water, or they can be poured directly into the pot and cooked. Basically, you can enjoy it after heating for 10 minutes, just for the heating itself to be cooked.

Everyone’s appetite is different. I won’t be full after eating one portion by myself. I still feel a little hungry. I need to add other ingredients or noodles to get full. But my mother friend felt very full even after eating this portion. Can't finish it yet.

Generally, beef noodles do not use this part. The cost of using Tomahawk beef is too high, but the whole beef tastes quite tender and slightly chewy, and it tastes like Tomahawk beef. The beef is full of aroma, very beefy, and the soup base is boiled with many kinds of materials. This really needs a big pot to get out of the taste. The tomato taste is obvious but it won't grab the show. The soup tastes light and sweet. The noodles are okay, they are flexible, but I personally like thick or wide noodles with beef noodles, it tastes refreshing.

The saltiness of the soup base is OK, but for me, the memory of the soup base is relatively less profound than that of Tomahawk beef, and it is easy to be forgotten. On the contrary, it is relatively plain.


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