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Finally changed someone to find a restaurant for dinner, haha. On the way to Sandiaojiao Lighthouse, I will pass Aodi Seafood Street. Since it is impossible for me to search for restaurant information while driving, the two adults had to pick up their phones to check where there is good food and which restaurant. The ratings and reviews are high, otherwise I usually do this. Did you know that there is a lot of pressure to find a restaurant? It's delicious or thunder in an instant.

Among the many seafood restaurants, the two of them finally picked the Jiayi Seafood Restaurant. They even gave them the job of navigating and guiding the way. It’s really relaxing. In fact, the location of the restaurant is a bit biased. Like us, we also wanted to go to San Francisco. You will stop for dinner when you pass by the Miaojiao Lighthouse. Otherwise, ordinary people won't come here for dinner, right? So I think their evaluations and reviews are so high!

The seafood you caught that day are all placed in the cabinet for you to choose. You can order whatever you like, or you can ask the boss to recommend it. They don’t have a practical menu or price list to show you, at least I didn’t see it. , But you can ask. Although the service attitude is very style, I kept hearing the boss scolding employees that day.

Tea and tableware are taken by themselves. However, the location of the dressing room is rather awkward. If you have to walk through the kitchen area and go back, you will also see food waste and the like. There may be collisions with the person delivering the meal. Some flavors will also be contaminated by the way of cooking. In fact, this is a shortcoming.

Braised Neritic Squid

Braised Neritic Squid, should be the specialty seafood of this area? It’s not very clear, but it’s a special dish here. Almost every table has a little bit of this dish. It is also recommended on the Internet. It tastes really good and it is served with wine. The ingredients are fresh but the seasoning is slightly heavy, so I can only drink a little more tea.

fried rice

Originally I ordered plain rice, but I saw that the fried rice next door seemed to be good, so I suggested replacing it with fried rice. The fried rice in some hot fried restaurants is very good. It is a dish that depends on skill, and it did not disappoint me. It's delicious, just ignore it if you don't have oil. They are all fused together, and the taste is not independent of each other, and you can't help but scoop another spoonful.

The portion of green vegetables is also very large, which gives you a lot of sincerity. I didn't expect that there would be so much shredded pork. At this time, we were already worried about whether we could not finish eating, and the portion was a little bit beyond our expectations.

steamed Giant Mud crab

steamed Giant Mud crab

steamed Giant Mud crab

Audience friends, please pay attention to the key points. The steamed Giant Mud crab is on the table. This one is half the price of our meal. The freshness is nothing to say, there is no fishy smell, and the meat quality is also good. The only pity It was steamed a little bit for too long, and the crab roe has become hard and lump.

This salmon miso soup is too big. In the end, I can’t finish it and I can barely finish the tofu and salmon. Generally, the ingredients in this soup are cut-offs, and the amount of fish is not much. A very real salmon miso soup, full of ingredients for you to eat, the taste is like a table top, the freshness of seafood is drunk, and will not be overwhelmed by miso.

The three of us ate almost NT$2000, and that Giant Mud Crab occupies half of the price. Otherwise, we can eat very full if we don’t eat NT$1000, but it is rare to eat it once in a while, because everyone in our family is a little bit. Too lazy to peel the shell, the price is not particularly expensive, it is still quite a bargain, the ingredients and cuisine are good, if you pass by nearby, you can come and eat.

Jiayi Seafood Restaurant


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