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From HOMMI Shop

Recently, online shopping is very often used to meet the problem of eating. Whether it is a seller on the platform or a seller on an independent website, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Of course, it is needless to say that many of them have suddenly emerged during this period of epidemic control. Some stores in, basically buy with the feeling of stepping on landmines when buying. This is a helpless choice, because the logistics during this period is a big problem. You should find one that can be fast, convenient, and able Delivering goods to your home on time is not an easy task.

And the more the sellers who cannot be delivered according to my plan and plan, basically I don’t think about it, and it will delay the time and arrangement of purchasing other ingredients. If you can tell me which day will be delivered, then you will know if you encounter empty space. How can I make up the ingredients during the window period? Otherwise, the refrigerator at home will be so big. Order a little here and a little at the other. As a result, it is impossible to predict the arrival time, and then all come together or come very late, then I am not starving to death , Can not reflect the convenience of shopping at all, and it is even more troublesome.

But this time, at the request of my family, I tried to order the goods in this HOMMI shop. In fact, I was very opposed to it because it could not determine the delivery time, even when the delivery status of TA-Q-BIN was restored. In addition, their website is not particularly convenient to use. Every time you click the product and put it into the shopping cart, it will jump to the shopping cart page. When you want to continue buying, you must click on the previous page. In addition, you must apply for one Individual members cannot use FB login or line login methods. In fact, adding extra is not the biggest problem, because the page planning is not good.

I actually went to see the shopping instructions before placing the order [After confirming the order and payment information, it will be shipped within 3-5 working days (excluding holidays). In case of out of stock, we will notify you separately]. It is completely impossible to place the order on the page There is no courier number to check whether it is shipped or not. You can only consult their Line or phone number. There is no further notice for out of stock mentioned above, and there is no display on the website. I waited for almost a week. I had to call to inquire about the situation, and only then told me that there was a product out of stock, which I personally thought was very inconvenient.

There is no special treatment on the packaging, but it is kept at a low temperature when it comes. The rest is the taste of the taste. In fact, the fresh state is still OK and there is no fishy or spoiled. Some seafood is not domestically produced. When ordering, pay attention to the product description and there will be a mark. Those who are very demanding about the place of production should pay attention to it. The price will not be very different from the big brands, but there is no way to compete with the big brands in terms of discounts and additional purchase options. , The delivery speed and service are the parts that I care more about. Will the next purchase be a question mark?


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