How to learn to ride a bicycle?It seems different from before?

How to learn to ride a bicycle?It seems different from before?

Do you remember how you learned to ride a bicycle back then? It is also a good memory for many people, because most of them are learned by family members who accompany the practice, after deducting the frustration in the process, after all, no one can learn it once or will not fall. Really It's a genius who hasn't suffered any bruises, haha.

I still remember that when I was learning to ride a bicycle, my dad taught me in the playground of the elementary school. At first, it was a four-wheeled bicycle. Why did it have four wheels? Two of them are used as auxiliary wheels on the left and right sides of the rear wheels, so that you get used to how to ride first. At this time, you are still very happy. There will be no chance of falling into a wrestling. You can ride bicycles freely and happily. The problem is to use the auxiliary Everything officially begins when the wheel is removed. It is a completely different feeling and concept from riding with auxiliary wheels. You have to master the balance is the biggest problem.

At this time, almost all parents will help you catch it in the back, in order to prevent you from falling to the point where you can get your balance, and to have patience to prevent you from losing your temper. To be honest, it is a test for parents and children, and the other is confidence. Confidence is a key to increase learning efficiency. Whether it is for yourself or parents for children, this process is very important. Otherwise, when one of them starts to give up, they will affect each other.

Fortunately, when I was young, it seemed to be more courageous than when I grew up. I would become more courageous in a proper range. I have a stubborn mentality to learn it. However, some children will always be unable to get out of the training wheels. This will be a pity. There is no way to experience the joy of riding freely.

Now I see many children on the road playing a scooter. It looks like a bicycle, but it has no pedal hinges and brakes. It is all done by legs. Whether it is forward speed or brakes, it depends on your feet. Solve, to cultivate a sense of balance. It seems that the learning after turning into a bicycle will be much faster, but is it rare to see parents helping to help the bicycle behind, and teaching you how to ride a bicycle step by step It feels that the process of connecting feelings is gone, and the memories after growing up are also missing one.


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