How to tip in the United States? It is a very important knowledge!

Tipping is a very troublesome thing, especially in Asian countries, there is basically no habit of tipping, because most restaurant fees already include a 10% service fee, but is this service fee given to the waiter? Come on, you know! Of course, some restaurants will indicate whether they charge a service fee or not. This is the situation in Asia. After going abroad, it is another matter. Tipping is a very important culture. If you don't give a tip, it may cause big things.

How to divide or not to tip in the United States? In fact, when I first went to the United States, I couldn’t figure it out. Whether this place should be given or not, and how much should be given? It is only after classmates or inquiring teachers that they probably understand this rule. Otherwise, I will not bear it if I give too much, and I will give too little eyes that may be troublesome or projected by the waiter.

There are several places or industries that do not need to be tipped, such as fast-food restaurants, movie theaters, supermarkets, and take-out meals. These are all paid directly, and there is no need to tip in places that do not provide any kind of service. What occasions do you need to tip? Basically, there are waiters for meals in restaurants, taxis, hotel accommodations, or waiters who help you with your luggage.

Waiters in restaurants basically earn salaries by tipping, so this is very important to them. Unless their service really makes you unsatisfied, you can also complain to the store manager, otherwise it is basically a question of giving more to less. , Can’t help him, usually 10%~15% for lunch, 15%~20% for dinner (I usually give 18% if it’s okay), the tip for dinner will be a little bit more, the tip has a lower limit but no upper limit, The upper limit depends on your mood and ability. If you pay in cash, you can tell the waiter to leave the change (but try to make the change). If you use the card, you can fill in the tip amount when you sign the card and it will be directly deducted from the card.

If you are staying in a hotel, you can choose whether to ask the baggage boy to help you carry your luggage into the room when you enter the hotel. If you don’t have a lot of luggage, you can carry it yourself to save a tip. When he helps you bring your luggage to the room, remember to prepare a tip for him. Otherwise, he will stand up and watch each other with you, about 2~5 dollars. In addition, if you stay in the same hotel for many days, you also need to put a tip on the bedside. It is given to the cleaning staff. You can also follow The cleanliness and feel of the cleaning are a little bit more.

Tips are also required for taxi rides, usually 10%~15%. If you can help you with luggage, you must also pay. In addition, I participated in a travel itinerary in Seattle, and there was a driver who came to pick you up to the destination and then send you off. Back to the assembly place, although he was only sent by the company to drive and pick up and did not provide other services, he still gave a tip, which is equivalent to support for his work. There is no problem if he is not given this. I have seen whether the local Americans did not. paid.

So remember to learn about some local cultural habits before going abroad, otherwise it will be very embarrassing. Oh, by the way, you also have to pay a tip for ordering, but don’t forget it!


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