Study abroad in the United States-HUNGER is the first movie I watched in Boston.


HUNGER can be said to be one of the movies that I am very impressed with. Of course, it is also a very famous movie. Yes, both the story content and the box office are selling very well, but this is not the reason why I have a deep memory. The main reason is that HUNGER is me. The first movie I watched in the United States was that the teacher organized an event to watch a movie on Friday in the first week of my first week at the Boston Language School, and went to watch a movie near Fenway Park with a group of unfamiliar foreign students.

The movie theater is now called Regal Fenway & RPX (Regal13). In fact, I have forgotten whether it was called Fenway 13 and then changed its name to Regal 13, but its location has not changed. The movie theater is still there, very close from Fenway Stadium. It’s almost 5 minutes away from Fenway station. In fact, there was also a small cinema near the language school at that time (I found out later). I don’t know why the teacher picked this one. Maybe it’s for us to watch the movie. It is more convenient for free activities afterwards. After all, it is only a few subway stations away from Downtown, and it is not very far to go to Chinatown.

In fact, the price of watching movies is not much different from that in Taiwan. If you have a student ID, there are of course some discounts. Others are no different. The only biggest difference is that movies do not have subtitles. Movies in the United States do not have subtitles. Even English subtitles are available. There is no, so all can only rely on listening. You can’t watch if you don’t pay attention. Although you don’t pay attention to it, you may not understand it completely (haha). The advantage is that your attention will be on the image. The plot is relatively good, and it will not be distracted by the subtitles. Otherwise, sometimes when you watch a movie in Taiwan, some details on the image will be missed when you watch the subtitles, or you have to watch it a few more times.

So when I saw a movie without subtitles for the first time, the whole person’s reaction was a bit stunned. The psychological OS is that this wouldn’t be true, right? I just arrived in the United States and the English was broken, so should I watch the movie like this? ? It’s a problem if you can read and understand. Of course, this is also the teacher’s teaching method. He hopes that everyone can listen and read more. Don’t just learn English from books, learn by integrating into life, just talk and listen more. It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake, because after watching the movie, although you can’t understand the whole story, you can still guess some of the plot content. I will really concentrate on watching the movie and listening to the content. I always want to hear what it says. What does it mean, I finally walked out of the cinema a little exhausted.

It’s really interesting. It can also speed up the process of getting acquainted with classmates. It adds a direct life experience. Outdoor learning methods can better understand the local society and culture, not just studying in school, but more importantly. How to integrate into the environment can better speed up the learning time.


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