Korean Variety Show-JTBC The Sea I Desire, Healing Variety Show


Goblin: The Lonely and Great God-Ghost actors Lee Dong-wook and Kim Go-eun unexpectedly appeared together. It is not a new TV drama but a new variety show. This time JTBC's comprehensive music program after begin again, besides street performances, it also includes Bar. To provide catering services, in response to the trend of environmental protection, a large number of reusable materials are used, such as stainless steel boxes without plastic flowers when packing food, which can be cleaned and reused, or solar energy like renewable energy, and the other is picking The sea of rubbish, the whole program is centered on the themes of healing people and healing the environment.

There are two main types of actors. Half of them are actors like Lee Dong Wook, Kim Go-eun, and Lee Ji Ah, and the other half are singers like Lee Soo Hyun ( Akdong Musician), On Yew (SHINee), and Yoon Jong Shin. Each has its own business scope. The chef has drinks and desserts, and there is also a musical performance, which is a bit like an upgraded version of begin again in Korea. It is a program produced for the encouragement and comfort of the public during the epidemic while the street performance cannot go abroad.

In the first episode, it was revealed that the first guest to star in is BLACKPINK's Rose, who is really a big-name guest. What will she do on the show? It is very exciting, although this show will not have it. Too much excitement and ups and downs, it is a content that needs to be quietly appreciated. Listening to the different limited music in each episode, or Li Dongxu and Jin Gaoyin who dive to pick up trash in order to clean the sea, and they show off their culinary skills to entertain you. Audience, those who are interested can follow it up!


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