Korean Variety Show|The Great Escape Season 4-A large-scale escape room project, each season exceeds your imagination.

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The Great Escape is back again. The first episode of the fourth season will be premiered on July 11, 2021. This time, the story of the third season of the time machine will be continued from the beginning. Once again, take the time machine back to the past to save the inventor. Just come to a large-scale project to build a city for this plot? The money spent is really unimaginable. Even the members who starred in it were dumbfounded. I didn't expect to make things so big and directly give you a kingdom to continue this story.

The members of the show still include Kang Hodong, Kim Jong Min, Kim Dong Hyun, Prodigy, Yoo Byung Jae, and PO. All the members continue to appear and none of them are left. It is also that this partner combination will always do some unexpected things. The persona of the character still fully presents his own face, sometimes I want to curse people while watching it. If they go back to the past, this behavior pattern would have been discovered and arrested long ago. Where is there time and opportunity to solve the mystery and escape.

From tvN

What will happen next? After the plot of the time machine is over, what new projects will be born, you can look forward to it. This time it should be a slight delay in production time due to the epidemic situation. Friends who have been chasing before can consider following it again, or People who play escape room should like it.


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