Life | Xiaobao Growth Diary EP.26-The doorway is the area where it is forced to isolate and calm down

The handsome Xiaobao is online, and now there are not as many opportunities to see it as before. The impact of the epidemic will take a lot less time to go back to Miaoli. This is still a film that was filmed when he went back with his dad in April. It is really better than that. It looks much stronger before. I heard that it is not a complete body, and it may continue to grow up, but it feels a bit different from other Labradors. It is still a bit thinner and is made fun of by people. It shouldn’t be Taiwan. The native dog! Really dumbfounding.
The gate area has two meanings. One is the empty window period before preparing to take Xiaobao for a walk, so that Xiaobao and the person who takes it for a walk must be mentally prepared, as well as the equipment to wear and so on. The other is that when we eat indoors, it will be very excited and want to eat, otherwise when we want to throw people down, we will take it to this area to calm it down, and Xiaobao will sit down silently. Quiet for a while, there is a future for this, which is that no cars or locomotives should pass by.

Looking into the distance with melancholy eyes, it seems that its mental activities are as rich as people. It will secretly turn around and take a look at you, hoping that you can help it untie the shackles and return its free body. Sometimes it will be It laughs to death, it is smart when it is smart, and its ability to play dumb is very high.

After Xiaobao sits on this chair, there is only 1/3 of the space left, and there is no room to sit down with it. Now Xiaobao is still very playful and active. It’s so young that I have enough energy. I Don't dare to take it out for a walk, because if you can't keep up with its strength, it will be dragged away.


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