Life | Xiaobao Growth Diary Extra EP.01-Cat friends coming and going like wind


Tabby cat is one of Xiaobao’s friends? In fact, I’m not sure if this little friend is the original cat, but my family said it’s the same one. The cat friend who was hugged by Xiaobao grew up together, although the cat has also grown a lot. But there is still no way to compare with Xiaobao, so when the cat sees Xiaobao later, he will hide from Xiaobao. Xiaobao feels a little bored, doesn't it just want to play with you!

So now the cats are in a relatively high position, try to stay away from Xiaobao’s position. They will run down during the meal time. They will also observe the presence of Xiaobao, which is quite interesting. The cats are not afraid of others. They are in the house. Occasionally, my brother can touch the cat, and he won’t just run away, but people who are unfamiliar with him are still a little scared and won’t let you touch it easily, and don’t put it under too much pressure anyway.

Its color is very beautiful and cute. It hasn't run away yet, but I don't know how long it will last. After all, it is not bound in the open space, and it is free to come and go. Basically, it is the guy who comes to eat every day and disappears someday. It's a matter of course, but I hope it can stay. After all, it's still Xiaobao's friend. Whether it's together or not, it's still a good partner. Getting together is destiny.


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