There are no subtitles for any foreign programs, unless CC subtitles are turned on.

All programs in Taiwan have subtitles, including even the videos made by Taiwan’s YouTubers. It has also become a disguised habit of watching all programs with subtitles. Otherwise, it seems strange, it seems that something is missing. , But it doesn’t really matter at all. It’s not that people who speak Chinese don’t understand Chinese, or those who are learning Chinese may need to watch subtitles, or some hearing impaired friends need subtitles.

Also, because these subtitles are directly embedded in the video, you can't manually cancel or enable them. So when I went to Australia and the United States to study, I was super uncomfortable with English without subtitles. I didn’t know English well. , It feels like listening to the language of outer space. I can’t understand and don’t have subtitles to guess the meaning. I have to look at the screen with a serious expression, and I can’t be discovered by people next to me. Actually, I don’t understand the program. The content, when you talk to me, you can quietly listen to what the other person says or guess the content based on your feelings, and finally use the big trick of pretending to be stupid.

In fact, it is quite reasonable for foreign programs to have no subtitles. I hope you can pay attention to the content and performance of the program, and the subtitles on the screen will not only have a visual impact, but also divert your concentration. No matter how you don’t want to see the subtitles, your eyes are still Will take a look at this, so that there will be a situation of unsustainable understanding of the compact plot. When learning a foreign language, it is also a good choice to have no subtitles. You will use the actors’ performances and speeches to make guesses and fusions. In disguise, you can accumulate language skills. Of course, this still requires long-term accumulation and exercise.

Sometimes when you really don’t understand, turn on the CC subtitles function. Turn on closed captions to match the paragraphs you don’t understand. Whether it’s querying the dictionary or reading it a few times to guess the content, it’s really a way to be able to Patience has become a habit, but it’s not easy to find bilingual subtitles or switch to single language subtitles in Taiwan. You can only watch it a few more times.

In fact, even now, I’m still not used to it. I always watch subtitles unconsciously or don’t watch without subtitles. I never open CNN or some pure English programs for a long time, and I think that is the best. A good learning method is so entangled, but it’s also to blame for too many choices. Otherwise, just like in a foreign country, you can only learn that if you are forced to learn. Maybe English can still improve a little.


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