Food|Taiwanese Snacks,Raohe Street Night Market-Bomb Scallion Pancake

Raohe Street Night Market has two entrances, but every time I go to Raohe Street, I enter from Songshan Ciyou Palace, so I don’t always go to the other side near the entrance of Tayou Road and Bade Road. Half of them were full and went back home, but if they walked past, they would almost buy a bomb scallion pancake to eat.

Even if the scallion pancake is still a bomb, can you not eat it? This can be regarded as a variation of the traditional scallion pancake, and it also increases the richness and aroma of the taste.

But its price has also increased. I don’t know if it’s an illusion or it’s been too long.

They have no service attitude. Sometimes they are quite impatient. I don’t know what’s bad. Even if there are not many people in the queue, it’s the same. Sometimes the food is unpleasant. Another suggestion is to eat cash. Don't eat the fried ones. Personally, I think this is to be fried and eaten hot. Every time I buy it, there is no fuel consumption and it is still at a certain level.

Believe me, I can’t eat enough, but it’s possible that I can’t eat the delicacies in other night markets because of this. This is also the reason that makes me entangled every time. The outer crust of the bomb scallion pancake is fried and crispy, and the inside is fluffy and chewy. With the half-boiled egg yolk and slightly charred and crispy egg white, it is really fragrant, and the magic of frying is here.

In addition to the soy sauce paste, a little chili sauce can also help it add a lot of points. You don’t need to think about the fragrance of this onion too much. It is almost unnoticeable. It is not a restaurant that must be eaten, although I eat it. A few times the taste is okay, but the attitude of people is really bad, but it affects the perception of many people. If it is oily, it depends on luck!


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