Tainan Chuang Mei Theater-Hand-painted billboards, distinctive movie posters.

Tainan Chuang Mei Theater

Tainan Chuang Mei Theater It is said that Ang Lee used to come here to watch movies when he was a student, but I don’t know a little bit of information. Even when I just passed by it this time, I saw how its poster board is so different. It seems to be so different from the current large-scale output posters. The length is different. I saw a place like a studio next to it, full of hand-painted billboards of past movies. I was curious about this and stopped to take a look. It was not the situation that was expected during this trip. A little surprise.

So sometimes there is no plan, and when you walk aimlessly in the streets and alleys in a city, there will be unexpected surprises. The cinema is not big, it is still a second-round cinema that is becoming less and less now, hand-painted Kanban is one of its biggest attractions. Other movie posters only need large-scale printing, but hand-painted Kanban does not know how much time it will take to complete. It is not easy to be able to draw almost the same as the poster.

Maybe it is the only hand-painted advertising billboard in Taiwan now. It is still unknown whether anyone will be able to continue this craft in the future. In this era of Internet development, how long will this historical movie theater continue to be maintained? It's also an unknown, I hope there will be no end to the day!

If these hand-painted billboards have been collected from the past to the present in a complete and intact collection, maybe an exhibition can be opened. I personally feel that it is really cooler than the printed posters.


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