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In fact, that day I was hesitant to take photos and record this meal. On the one hand, most of my relatives and friends are not very familiar with each other. Some people even meet for the first time. Even if it’s not the first time, I haven’t seen it in more than ten years. Basically, watching their elders chatting, we ate silently next to us, and most of the time the table was quiet. On the other hand, everyone's mood was not particularly high.

But if I didn’t record it, I feel it’s a pity. I don’t know when I will go to Tainan next time. Even if I go to Tainan, normally I won’t go to this type of restaurant. I think there are so many delicacies and snacks in Tainan. Ignore it, and then ran to a vegetable restaurant. Does it make sense? Is it realistic?

The scale of Tianxinyan Vegetarian Restaurant is difficult to see in northern Taiwan. It can be used as a wedding banquet hall, family gatherings or large-scale events. It has a lot of space. Why is it difficult to see? Because it is a vegetable (vegetarian) food, even if the vegetarian atmosphere in Taiwan is pretty good, there are many delicious dishes and restaurants, but this kind of table and treats are all vegetables, which may be less acceptable than everyone. Not that high, and I admire that they can stick to this direction for more than ten years to this day.

Tianxinyan has two parking spaces, but the number is still limited. If you come to participate in the event, it is better to park a little earlier. On the day of our meal, there are about 2 groups of new couples holding a wedding here.

4 appetizers (cold dishes), this will not cause any major problems, the taste is also good, maybe everyone is hungry, sometimes everyone will just try the taste, so that you won’t be unable to eat the following dishes. As a result, this one was wiped out.

If I remember correctly, the white one is pureed peanuts. After taking a bite, I don’t want to eat anymore, but after eating the bowl in the mood that I can’t waste food, I turned my head and looked at everyone. It seems that I’m not the only one. Everyone only eats the coix seed and lotus seed cauliflower next to it.

Drifting from New Taipei City to the desserts in Tainan restaurants, the desserts that followed should have been purchased outside. The poppy pineapple puffs are actually good, and they are not as sweet as I expected. It seems that many people have bought them online. This product is not to the point where it is necessary to eat, and there is a lot of it left at the end that no one wants to eat.

This meal still feels full after eating. It is all a combination of vegetables, mushrooms and soy products. The cooking methods are also common such as three cups, sweet and sour, and fried food, although they are familiar seasonings. However, people who are accustomed to eating meat still feel that there is something missing, and it must be very light if it is not a vegetable meal. In fact, it still needs oil to assist. It is OK to eat this vegetable dish once in a while. I still feel amazing and special, but it's hard for me to eat it often.


Tianxinyan Vegetarian

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