Unknown Food|Tainan Central and Western District-Shijingjiu Xiejia Babao Ice, copper plate price queuing food.

Queuing for food is what makes me the most annoying. When you know it should be delicious but you can’t eat it or give up and don’t eat it, you don’t even know when you will have the opportunity to go to that place again. Maybe you just pass by. It is possible for several years. When traveling companions do not want to wait in line, they can only give up even if they are helpless. This is a compromise of group action. On the one hand, it is because the weather is too hot, looking at the endless line length. , The psychological powerlessness arises spontaneously.

Since I came to Tainan without doing any homework, I walked on the road with almost no purpose, where I went and what I saw, I would always find that this is this scenic spot or it seems to be a famous gourmet restaurant. , The accidental sense of surprise can add a bit of fun to travel, and it’s a little more expeditionary than planning everything.

Xie’s Babaobing is this accidental surprise. It takes less than 5 minutes to walk from Chihkan Tower. As I walked in the arcade before I saw the sign, I already saw a crowd of people around a certain store, ordering a good meal. The people of are enjoying the fruits of victory, and after the endless team advances a few steps, there will be a few more people. The number of people in the line seems to never decrease. Everyone wears a cheerful expression and thinks when it’s their turn. What should I eat?

My mood was extremely low, and there was an inexplicable premonition that it should have missed me. When I passed the end of the line, I gave up my expectations and continued to walk straight forward, listening to the line. People are discussing Babaobing, and they all have a desire to run away, especially how refreshing it is to have such a bowl of cold ice on a hot night. If you don’t pass by, you can see that there are still stalls on the street. Many ingredients, I want to curse those behind the line can't eat them.

Xie’s Babao Ice is an ancient flavored ice. Each ingredient is like they cooked by themselves. The big one is very attractive to put in front of my eyes. It is calling my appetite but it can’t satisfy its expectations. Okay. sad! I can only hope that I will have a chance to eat in the future~~

Xiejia Babaobing

Address: No. 238, Section 2, Minzu Road, West Central District, Tainan City,700

Phone: +886930894788


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